Introducing Tap Grooves

Tap Grooves is a tap dance duo inspired by jazz music and the 1920s style, with a modern twist. Their synchronized footwork and infectious energy transport audiences to a bygone era while adding contemporary flair. Come join them on a journey through time as they tap their way into your hearts and minds!

About Us

We are two tap dancers based in Switzerland, who met in Barcelona, where we both did the Professional Tap Dance Program. We both value the dance's rich history as well as its connection to Jazz and improvisation and love to share our passion with others, whether on stage or as teachers.
Because getting together to jam was not very common among tap dancers in Switzerland, we initiated the Zurich Tap Jam as an oportunity for people to get to get to enjoy their tap skills outside of the class.


You can write us an e-mail to
You can also find us on Instagram @tap_grooves, also our personal accounts: @bauer.nikolaj, @_groovy_